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Hyperlocal News

Hyperlocal new sites have been struggling for quite a bit to stay standing. A lot of the hyperlocal news companies are funded by millionaires or billionaires that want to support that company. Patch is a hyperlocal company that shows you the news in your area. Once you choose your location stories will pop up about what is happening there. The website is very easy to use and is accessible to a lot of people when looking up what’s going on. I do think that patch will stay for a couple of years since many people have been using it and it has created revenue. Another hyperlocal news I found is CLTampa, they talk about news that has been happening in the bay area. They have a different range of news that people can read up on if they choose to. This news site is doing well, and I do think that they will be doing good for the next couple of years. The last hyperlocal news site I want to talk about is the Laker/Lutz news site. Not many people know of this site, they talk about that on the first page when you enter their site. Not many people use this site, and I don’t think that this page will stay up for long. It’s just like your basic news site with information that is happening in that area. Other news sites cover what they talk about so I do think that the Laker/Lutz site will fail in the future. 


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