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A former student athlete named Michael Rivera, who had a dream of playing Baseball his entire life, had recently quit the team at HCC and is just now training. He committed to HCC last fall playing at the Dale Mabry campus. He had the responsibility of being a good student and keeping up with his classes, but also being a good athlete. He is currently happy in the position that he is in by not participating on the team this year. I’m currently still in the process of trying to interview Michael to see what happened on the team and why he quit. 

  1. When it was time to select a school to commit to for Baseball was it easy for you to choose? 
  1. When beginning at a new school for baseball did you like the new atmosphere you were in or preferred the team at your old high school? 
  1. What position or positions did you play? 
  1. What was it like being on the team? 
  1. Do you feel that you performed your best on the HCC team? 
  1. What made you decide to quit the team 
  1. Since you have been in training has it been different from the original training at HCC? 
  1. Have you decided on a school you want to play at once you finish at HCC? 
  1. Would you like to go to the MLB in the future or is it just something you want to play in college? 
  1. Do you have the same love as you did for baseball when you joined HCC? 

5 responses to “Pre-Interview”

  1. Hi, Angelina. This is definitely an interesting idea for an interview, as Michael isn’t just a sports star, but a sports star who has decided to leave his team. Taking on schoolwork and keeping up with sports practice is definitely not an easy task, so it would be interesting to see what answers he would give to your questions. This report might also help other sports players out in deciding whether or not they would like to stay on their teams, or if they should take some time off to focus on their studies. Great idea, I hope your interview goes well!


  2. Hey Angelina! I love this topic. It is a very interesting story and I am interested to hear why he quit. I’m sure it will inspire others who are struggling to balance school with playing a sport. I can only imagine how difficult that is to do.


  3. Hey Angelina, I love the topic we definitely need more of this kind of material. I think it is important to capture the story of young student athletes, because you can have all the talent in the world but being a student athlete can be overwhelming. I think a lot of athletes including myself had to realize the end may be near the ball stops bouncing one day especially if it starts to hinder academics.


  4. Hey Angelina! I really love this idea for an interview. I’ve seen how being a student athlete can personally impact a person’s mental health due to the stress to make good grades and show up to games and practices. I hope you’re able to get in contact with him and have a conversation!


  5. Hi Angelina! I’m excited to read about your interview and the answers he provides. I have a similar blog coming up and I will potentially mention your interviewers name to see if they know of each other. We could even compare the two baseball players experiences. As someone who has played sports balancing so much was a lot, I do wonder how it unrolled for Michael. Very interested to see why he quit and some insight he has now that he is no longer playing.


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