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A little bit about me.

Hello, my name is Angelina Gonzalez. I am currently 19 years old with my birthday coming up soon in October. I am originally from Puerto Rico, and I moved here in 2008, which has already been 14 years of me living here. This is my second year at HCC, then I graduate to go to a 4-year school. I would like to transfer to FSU or USF. Before becoming a Mass Communications major, I was a Criminology major which I enjoyed, but I think this major will help me pursue what I really want to do for my future. During my free time I love to attend different concerts, make different board pins on Pinterest, go shopping, traveling, and hanging out with my friends when possible. Going to concerts is my favorite thing to do ever, actually experiencing the song you’ve been listening to inside your headphones come to life is a surreal moment. Especially when the crowd comes together enjoying the same music as you do. My favorite artists/ bands are Harry Styles, Joshua Bassett, Coin, Taylor Swift, 5 Seconds of Summer, Rex Orange County, The Weeknd, Wallows, etc. My list could go on forever, listening to music makes me happy so I hope everyone one day can experience a concert that they love. 

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