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Taylor Swift album press

Taylor Swift has recently dropped a new album that a lot of people around the world are talking about. Once she announced that she was dropping her new album fans were super excited. Fans weren’t expecting her to post daily on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. At “Midnight” she would release a video revealing what the name of the song on the album was. She rolled a bingo ball machine, and it would choose it for her. Fans went restless every day trying to figure out the different names of the songs. Fans were not the only ones tuning in, other people on the social media platforms that were. Due to the anticipation of fans and other people around the world waiting for the album it was able to reach number one on the billboards 200 chart. She lasted on the chart for 3 weeks before she dropped on the leaderboard. Due to her album teasing on the different social media platforms many people were excited to listen to her new album. When it released it gained a lot of traction which benefited her success on the album. She really utilized the social media platforms to display her new album.


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♬ Midnight Mayhem episode 13 – Taylor Swift

2 responses to “Taylor Swift album press”

  1. Hi, Angelina, I think this is the first time I’ve posted a comment which is a shame since this is the last blog. Anyway, I watched this video as well and yeah it seems like a pretty interesting story to write about. There’s a lot to be said not just in how Taylor marketed her album, but also how TikTok as a platform can be used to promote tons of albums and musicians. Overall, you picked a good story, and I hope you have a good day!


  2. Hi Angelina, I had no idea about the bing ball machine choosing for her! I’ve never heard of an artist doing that. I was not very up to date about her album dropping other than it dropping. I have noticed her songs all over the charts. I have yet to listen!


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