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Newsy is a news website that contains the latest news that is going all around the world. The site is easy to navigate through if you’re looking for anything in particular. The site also has a schedule if you wanted to watch news live. When reading the stories on Newsy they have a transcript of what the video states. When reading the transcript everything is clickable and it will link you to their evidence on where they find it. When scrolling through their website I found 3 videos I would like to talk about. One video I found is talking about Taylor Swifts new album “Midnights” and how she used social media platforms to promote her new album. She posted videos on TikTok daily talking about her album which earned over 10 million views. Many artists used TikTok to promote their music, a lot of the times when they do it goes viral on the platform. This gives smaller artists a chance to promote their music online so they can gain a fan base for themselves. Many Taylor Swifts fans enjoyed her posting content daily about the new album fans felt that they were connecting with her. The next video I watched was “James Bond Celebrates 60 Years”. Many people all around the world know who James Bond is. He has been one of the longest characters ever running in the film industry. He has been in many movies since 1962. Since James Bonds is one of the longstanding actors in Hollywood, they have decided to make a celebration of all the movies he’s been in and they’re including the props he’s used. In this celebration they were auctioning off his Aston Martin stunt car for charity, and it raised over 6.7 million dollars. The last video I watched was “Floyd Family Issues Cease and Desist Letter to Kanye”. The video states that the Floyd family issued a cease-and-desist letter to Kanye due to him making a podcast saying that George Floyds death was about Fentanyl and not of the misconduct of a police officer kneeling on his neck. Even though the medical examiner stated that the cause of death was him kneeling on his neck and Fentanyl was only a contributing factor. 


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  1. Hi Angelina, Great Post I think that the Newsy site is easy to navigate I can agree to that I didn’t get around to explore the transcripts and see that they made it even easier by having the option to click on everything in the story. I also like the stories you chose particularly the James Bond story.


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