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Concert photo op!

A photo story that I would like to take pictures of is a concert that I’m going to in a couple of days. I will be attending the Jack Harlow concert on the 15th of October with a couple of friends. I really want to encapsulate the excitement people have while waiting for a concert, their outfit choices, when it’s time to enter the doors, etc. Concerts are a great way to showcase fans that have been with the artist for a long time or a short time. People can get creative with their poster ideas that they will bring into the venue to show off to their favorite artists. I would also like to capture the atmosphere inside the venue before it begins, when it begins, and once the show is over. I will be taking pictures of the artist on the stage when he comes out as well. Maybe this will want people to go on his next tour when he comes back to Florida. 


3 responses to “Concert photo op!”

  1. Hey Angelina, I think a photo story of a concert that you attended would be amazing. You could capture the atmosphere and give the audience an idea of the energy that was surging at the concert. I hope you enjoyed the concert and I would look forward to seeing that story since I’ve never been to a concert but I’ve always heard good things about them, capturing the creativity and the energy of your favorite artists has to be amazing.


  2. Hey Angelina!
    I loved your choice to make your photo journalism project on a concert you’re attending. I’m actually doing something similar for my project because i’m going to a concert tonight (as of 10/12/22) with one of my friends and I’ll be taking photos of different things I see there. I hope you enjoy your concert, it sounds like a lot of fun!


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