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Wonder Nets

“Wonderful nets” have been saving the lives of whales and dolphins. As these animals dive deeper into the ocean, the pressure of the water changes. Diving in deeper is causing damage to the animals without “Wonder nets” because they aren’t receiving blood flow up in their heads. “Wonder nets” is the easier term for “retia mirabilia” which is only present in some animals, not all. Since “Wonder nets” aren’t present in all animals, scientists suspect that blood pressure surges are happening. When other animals are diving deeper into the ocean, they have no way to relieve themselves with the pressure that is being done to their body. Without having a way to relieve themselves it creates surges in their blood pressure. This could lead to the animals harming themselves and could possibly die in the depths of the ocean. The scientists decided to conduct a study to make sure that this is what’s happening to the animals. Due to the limited resources they had, they couldn’t use a lot of animals, but with the animals they could get they found a discovery. The discovery was that their bodies were adjusting to the pressure that their body was enduring. Their blood was redistributing to places that needed it to keep them alive. 


One response to “Wonder Nets”

  1. Hi Angelina! I’ve never heard of Wonder Nets before, so reading this story was really interesting! I think marine life is very interesting and it’s crazy to see how some animals have begun to adapt to their surroundings. I’m going to the Georgia Aquarium soon, so I might consider asking some of the workers to tell me more information about how Wonder Nets work, and how animals that don’t have them continue to survive!


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