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Michael Rivera knew that it was over when he met up with the coach to talk about his skills on the team. His run during the beginning of the season was going well, then it went downhill. He knew his time was over and he felt discouraged. He wanted to live the college life, but baseball was taking that all away from him. During his time off the team, he had a reflection period of his time on the team. He was happy in the beginning but as his time progressed, he wasn’t anymore. Since he was off the team, he decided to take a break and focus on himself and do things that he wanted to do. He changed majors and began studying hard for his classes. He was not the type to really care for his classes and the grades he got until now. Since his time off the team, he began training for baseball again. He has a clear head now from when he was kicked out of the team and is enjoying baseball again. He hopes in the future he can have another shot at baseball whether it’s at a new school or in the MLB. 


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  1. I’m glad that Michael was able to tuck his pride and figure out that his sports days were numbered before it was too late. This was a great person to interview because we don’t get to hear this type of story a lot. I think it’s either the player keeps chasing the dream and obtains it or they keep chasing it because they feel they don’t have any other option.

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