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Preparing for the interview

When preparing for the interview, I was looking over my questions to see in which order I should ask him. I did a bit of rearranging, and I had the perfect setup for my interview. When choosing my interviewee, I was a bit stuck because I didn’t really know anyone that I could interview that I wasn’t close with and that I knew every little aspect about them. I chose Michael Rivera, he was from my old high school, and he used to play baseball for our school team. From my knowledge before meeting with Rivera he was a part of the HCC baseball team playing as a pitcher. Shortly after speaking with him, I was told he was not a part of the team, and I was intrigued on knowing what happened to him not being on the team anymore and what he is up to since he is not participating in a sport at HCC. Meeting up with Rivera was a bit of a challenge since he is a busy person with a full schedule. He also is not good at responding to messages in a timely matter. We eventually figured it out and we met up last Friday at Starbucks to discuss the questions I had ready for him. Being persistent with him on scheduling a meeting helped so I could begin the interviewing process.


One response to “Preparing for the interview”

  1. Hey Angelina! I like that you went out of your way to find someone that you didn’t really know that well! I am also intrigued to see what happened with him not being on the team anymore. I’m glad you were able to meet and have a good interview! I look forward to seeing the final product!


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