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My chosen interviewer

Someone who I would like to interview is a former HCC baseball player. They enrolled at HCC in 2021 pursuing a degree and playing a sport they really loved at a reduced cost. He had offers at other schools but chose to stay close to his family. He played baseball for a year at HCC, but he recently quit and is now training. He is continuing his education at HCC on different campuses to complete his AA. I’m interested in interviewing him because I get a bit of perspective of what it is like being an Athlete at our school. I also get to learn the reasons that led him to his choice of not continuing baseball at HCC.

Questions I would ask

  1. When it was time to select a school to commit to for Baseball was it easy for you to choose?
  2. When beginning at a new school for baseball did you like the new atmosphere you were in orpreferred the team at your old high school?
  3. What position or positions did you play?
  4. What was it like being on the team?
  5. What made you decide to quit the team
  6. Since you are in training has it been different from the original training at HCC?
  7. Have you decided on a school you want to play at once you finish at HCC?
  8. Would you like to go to the MLB in the future or is it just something you want to play in college?
  9. Do you have the same love as you did for baseball when you joined HCC?

This might not be the specific order I’ll ask them in, but I have a general idea.

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